Diving with Chaumont


Why dive with a BSAC club?

The British Sub Aqua Club  (BSAC) is the largest diving club in the world with over 1,000 branch's based in the UK and other countries and is renowned for the quality of the divers it trains, who then go onto dive and further their experiences within the branch environment. Chaumont as a BSAC branch can provide the first steps of becoming a diver or you can experience the surprise of 'blowing bubbles' in the safe environment  of a swimming pool. All instruction is delivered by experienced and qualified BSAC instructors.


Chaumont Dive Club has many experienced instructors who are able to take you through all your training from Ocean Diver upward.

You can transfer previously learnt skills from a different BSAC club or from other diving bodies, or you can start from scratch with us.

As a club we have instructors that are qualified to take you through lots of Skill Development Courses as well, broadening your options whilst diving with Chaumont.

Once you are qualified as an Ocean Diver, or above, you can join us on some diving trips around the UK and extend your knowledge and experience under the safe supervision of our highly qualified instructors.

To find out more about diver training progression and what's involved in each course, click on the BSAC link at the bottom of the page, or download the "Diver Training Progression" document below. 


Chaumont Membership can be paid annually in full or by Monthly Direct Debit.

You will also need a BSAC Membership, which includes personal insurance to cover all your diving.

To find out more about  Membership pricing, download the "How much does it cost to dive?" document below. 

Dive Trips

Our Club RIB is based in Anglesey and we have many scheduled dives through out the year. Other trips around the UK are also scheduled on demand, including a trip  we are looking at planning to the Farne Islands this year.

Click on the link below to view our events calendar containing all our planned dives as well as some fun social events to help you get to know other members.

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Testimonials from club members

Vincent Binns - "I started diving in 2000, and for the last 10 years I have been a member of Chaumont Dive Club. Some clubs have cliques, small groups that dive together but Chaumont is not like that, everyone is deemed equal, with experienced instructors, some national and first class divers who are all genuine and friendly. The club is very good at organising training in the pool and lectures, and lots of trips with our own RIB, based in Anglesey.

We do lots of open water training in Capernwray, I would call Capernwray an underwater theme park with lots to look at including cabin cruisers, helicopters, planes and lots more, its amazing. At 68 I still love diving I only wish I had started before I was 50. please don't miss the wonderful things that you could be seeing underwater, start scuba the sooner the better."

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